Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lots of First Today...First Gold of the Year

I have been more than discouraged with the conditions lately. I decided to detect yesterday and when I turned on the detector it was doing the Minelab "I'm dying" moan. Ran into Rick and he was hunting dry sand with his new Sov. He and I both commented on the new 5' deep sand covering everything. Said that there was a little trough on the other side of the pier that he and Charlie had been beating up.

I have gained too much winter weight and so yesterday I went for a walk to the beach and then ran up four flights of steps at one of the motels.
This morning I grabbed the camera and headed for the beach to celebrate the sunrise. After a few pictures the camera quit because of a low battery. Oh well, at least I got my walk.

At eleven today I stood on the beach and cussed the sand. Dadgum. The last gold I found was Dec. 26th. I went through this last year. I did not find one gold item until April.

I began swinging without enthusiam. I picked up a quarter and a penny, both shiny, near the low tide line.

Finally I got to the small trough that Rick had told me about. There were quite a few holes with water. I walked up the beach and took my shoes and socks off and rolled up my pants. Sure, I looked dorky. Not only that, I had my shovel instead of my scoop. You ever try to push on a shovel with bare feet. Duh!! So, I am a dorky mental midget.

I picked up a few coins and then a junk ring. At least I was getting a few targets. Then I got a very small washer, one of those that give a pretty decent sound. Then within 6" I get another target with almost exactly the same sound. I expected another washer. I pulled the shovel out and the target was still in the hole. I set the shovel and moved it. Gold, I see gold. I reached down and tugged. I am pulling and pulling and pulling. I hurry the chain into my pouch.

Later Rick came by and I showed him the chain. I told him I thought it was 30 maybe 40 grams. I was wrong. Cha ching!!!!

68 Degrees today. I can feel the heat in my skin. As I was trudging across the dry sand a dark colored butterfly swooped by. The first butterfly of the year.
Diana and I are going to Huddle House or Waffle House to celebrate. See ya there.