Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ring Daddy #14

No trash picture today. I mixed yesterday mornings hunt trash with yesterday evenings trash and they had babies.

Jason from Tenn. is down and swinging hard...every low tide and yesterday morning he got a nice ladies gold ring.

Jason has a new Whites Dual Field PI that he let me use yesterday morning. The waves were big smashers; make Jim suffer waves. But I had to try the PI so I waded in to get slapped around. There were some holes but they weren't deep enough and I waded around listening to the sound of each wave coming through. This is very annoying. I am not sure how to set the dials to eliminate or at least lessen the wooOOOOoooo noise of each wave.

I was out of town for a few days and when I got back I see that the beach is more sanded in than when I left. Someday I will go out to the beach and it will be a desert of sand for as far as I can see. It will happen.

Low tide last night was nine something. Went out in the failing light and gridded in front of the blah, blah motel. This is a huge motel.

My Excaliber is still not back from Minelab so I was using the Sov on the beach. Down and back, down and back. I was picking up a few coins and strangely enough, no pull tabs

After an hour and a half I got a signal, a brash, healthy, here I am signal, much too big a signal for anything good. I dug it and kicked the sand. Even in the dim light I could make out the gold roundness.
I should have quit when I found the wedding band but gold makes you crazy so I had to keep swinging for another hour.
If someone knows how to set the PI to eliminate the woooOOOOoooo I would appreciate the input. Thanks, Jim

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ring Daddy #13 and a little perspective

Hit the beach about 4:30 A.M. this morning. Quite a few people wandering the beach at 4:30. Tried to avoid them as much as possible. I did not take my camera and was kind of kicking myself because the clouds looked like they might give an outstanding sunrise. Worked basically the same area as yesterday. Detected about a mile down the beach and was almost back to where I started when this lightweight gold wedding band showed up.
Here is the mess for this morning. Just under three hours of scanning the beach.
Yesterday, I got a little bit of perspective. I was detecting and not finding much and kind of in a funk, cussing the renourishment and how sanded in it was and...then I spotted her. At first I was not sure exactly what I was looking at. Maybe the young lady was turned at a wrong angle...and then I realized this young lady with the smile had no arms. She waded out of the surf and walked up the beach. She was enjoying the day and the beach and what she had.
I detected past her and then in a couple of minutes looked back. There she was, walking down the slope with a plastic shovel held with the toes of her right foot. She taking a child a plastic shovel.
We can sure get all caught up in ourselves and how life isn't treating us right. Sometimes it takes a woman carrying a shovel with her foot to make us appreciate what we have.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ring Daddy #12 and the 4 A.M. Assault on the beach

Two o'clock this morning MB had a major thunderstorm. It seemed as though it was a continuous rumble and lightning for two solid hours. I got up and did some writing, wondering when the lightning would transform my computer into mush. Just before 4:00 the storm quit. I checked the radar on the weather channel and it looked like clear sailing.

Oh, heck fire, I might as well go detecting. I ate a bowl of cereal with yogurt and headed out the door.

I got to a nearby beach, parked and headed into the darkness. When I got a ways down the beach my stomach started to grumble and then I started having the urge. I tried to work through it but the urges kept getting stronger. I thought I might have to dig a hole in the beach.
Finally, I quit and headed for the car. Walking seemed to awaken the urges. At last I got to the car and headed home. Now, of course, the urges went away. Dadgum.
I got a quarter and a dime on the upper beach between bouts of gritting my teeth.

This afternoon I stayed close to home and detected.
Lots of high school, college kids, and finally it seems like the families have made their way to MB.
Fairly good crowd and I was actually finding a few targets.

My Excaliber is in Las Vegas and so I was hitting the lower beach and shallow water with the Sov.

Nice breeze, little bit of cloud cover; a really nice day.

Here is the mess. This is three hours of swinging.

About a mile down the beach from where I started I got an iffy, crackly signal. It was this 10K ring. Now, why would this ring give me such a s0-so signal? I almost passed on this one.

Someone needs to write a guidebook, "Public Bathrooms and Porta Jons at Americas Favorite Beaches". I would buy a copy.