Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Blah Blah Blah and Ring Daddy #9, #10 & #11

Yesterday afternoon the wind was blowing hard and I tried a section of beach that actually had some people on it. I found three pieces of can in an hour and a half.

This morning I dragged my poor body out of bed a bit after five and injected some coffee intravenously.

At 6:02 I pulled into the parking lot near blah blah blah. There was a cloud bank and the sky yellowed and oranged and it took a while for the sun to make its appearence. My third or fourth target right at the water line was gold ring #1 for the day.

OK the pressure is off. I wade into the small depressions and work the bottom of the beach. At 6:45 I dig my second gold ring. It was just above the hole I worked a couple of days ago and got the gold class ring.
Now, I start to do the math. Let's see, two gold rings every 45 minutes and I have to be back to the parking lot by 9:00. I should end up with at least six gold rings by 9:00.
The clouds moved in and at one point I thought maybe we'd get some rain.
Quite a few coins and cars today. Here is the mess.
At 8:15 I got a nice sounding target and out pops #3 for the morning.
It says 585 and Titan. I am 95% sure it is gold and ?? titanium??maybe. 14 K is 583.3. This is 585. It has the weight of gold. I will have it checked but for now I say it is gold.
I hurried back to the parking lot and took my hard earned quarters out of my pouch and fed the meter to give me another hour and a half.
I went south and found gobs of pulltabs. Also, the digger. Pretty nice digger.
Four plus hours and my best day of detecting this year. Low tide is 7:36 this evening. I will be back at blah blah blah trying to add #4 for the day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Tip from a friend and Ring Daddy #8

Yesterday afternoon Gene Patrick and I hit a stretch of beach that was so dismal that Gene called it "pitiful". I told it him it didn't come up to being pitiful. Last evening I got a call from Dwayne Patrick, yep, another Patrick and he told me he had gotten a gold wedding band at blah, blah, blah. Well, blah blah blah is not too far of a drive from the campground so I headed there this morning, long before the sun showed up.

I have only hunted this area a couple of times in the last ten years so I didn't know where to park. I passed the blah blah blah and didn't see the parking lot. I went on down a long ways and finally parked. Now the question is which detector to take, the Sov with the 10" coil or the Excaliber with the 8" coil. I debated and grabbed the Excaliber.

Out on the beach I was not seeing any holes and started digging pulltabs and shell fragments. The shell fragments came in with the renourishment sand. I kept moving down the beach toward blah blah blah. It seemed that blah blah blah was a long way down the beach. More pulltabs and shell fragments. I was cussing Dwayne. I was starting to hate hearing the signals because it was all junk. I saw some small depressions with water in them and ran through them but got nothing. "Why, that no good Dwaye."

I went over a little hump in the beach and suddenly I was looking at a hole in the surf...a fairly deep hole.

I waded in and got a nickle, then a quarter, then a penny, then it was targets everywhere. Shells in the scoop and that dark grey sand that means you are where you need to be. I start feeling better about things. And the targets kept coming. I got a little foil sound and smiled...maybe a thin gold ring. Nope, but it was a small gold charm. Alright!! More coins and at last I am looking at a gold class ring in the scoop. Now, I am excited!

Maybe I can get another one. The lifeguards start putting out the chairs so I know it is 8:00. I need to be back to the parking lot before nine, when you have to pay. I am swinging and the tide is rising. At last a wave goes over my head. I get out and hike back to the parking lot. I make it back with 15 minutes to spare.
Here is the mess. Eight sinkers, $2.28 in change.

And here is the class ring. 13 grams. The gold charm to the left of the ring above is 1.3 grams.

I called Dwaye and thanked him for the tip. This was the most fun detecting I've had this year. Finally a real hole! It seems like it has been at least six months since the last time I was in a real honest to goodness, filled with treasure, hole.

It is my daughters birthday so I will not make the evening low tide...but I will definitely be back at blah blah blah tomorrow morning before the sun comes up!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shocking! and Ring Daddy #7

Good Golly Miss Molly has detecting been horrible!!! The beach is mega-sanded in. I was hoping that the Memorial Day crowd would liven things up with a few new drops.

But the crowd never materialized. Saturday there was a fair crowd, about like we had here on Easter weekend. Sunday was sparce, and Memorial day was "shocking". I didn't say that, another metal detectorist said that.

In fact I was so disgusted after yesterdays thirty cents that I told myself I was not going out until we got some wind.
But I found myself grumbling and had too much energy not to detect, so out the door I went.

I hit a stretch of beach that used to be very good. It is now so sanded in that the pier only has six pilings still in the water at the end. 90% of the pier is out of the water. Shocking.

Definitely no people at MB. You look up at these 100 room motels and see one or two rooms where the door is open or there is towels on the rail.

I got over a dollar today. Three quarters. Man, I was lucky to break a dollar. $1.34

Here is the mess. Better get Maaco! Got two 50 Caliber bullets and two sharks teeth. The one sharks tooth is quite large but really beat up.
On this section of beach there was only one motel that had a small crowd in front of it. I decided that it probably had a good crowd over the Memorial Day weekend and felt like it was the only chance to find that needle in a haystack.
I beat up the area in front of this motel for at least two hours and finally this ring popped out.
My first gold ring in almost a month. And I detect almost everyday. It was the 27th of April when I found my last gold ring. Three and a half hours total time today.
The renourishment has really killed MB. And now the economy is really hurting this city. I might get a four wheel drive and give Ghost Town Tours.