Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe Ring Daddy #6

Do you ever wake up and the birds are singing and the air is just the right temperature and you just feel like you could conquer the world?

Today started off that way.

Went to the bank with my coffee container of pennies to put in the money machine. As the machine got going it seemed to be running awfully slow. I hear some hits down in the reject pocket. A couple of quarters. Huh?? I hear some more hits and more quarters and dimes. I start dreaming of filling my pockets with quarters and dimes until my pants fall off. It finally quit but I ended up with almost five dollars in freebie money. That is better than the best day I've had this year on the beach as far as change.

When I get to the beach I see Dick down the way. I hurry down that way and we talk about how bad conditions are.

I told him I would go back the other way, to a part of the beach that has been renourished. I am kind of discouraged. I'd not gotten one piece of gold off the renourished beach. Not one.

As I swing down I get a couple of junk rings. When I get near where I am going there is a little hole and I wade in. Bingo...maybe Ring Daddy #6. Then a ways further and I pick up the fossil watch still ticking. It looks fogged though??

Here is the mess for the afternoon. The watch looks pretty nice, I should have taken a better picture.
And here is "maybe" Ring Daddy #6. No markings but it feels the right weight. I will get it checked out tomorrow.
All in all, a beautiful day! Have a good one!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A little more gold today...

Finally it is starting to warm up!! Dadgum longest winter I can remember! 6 months of winter is way, way too long!! And everybody on earth knows about the fire in MB. I'm Fine!! Now leave me alone!!

Was out in the sun and water for about 3.5 hours. The water is still cold enough that it takes your breath away when it hits you above the waist. But some folks are finally getting in. Pretty good crowd on the beach today. Supposed to be a super weekend.

Found one area with some signals and got everything there.

Started throwing my coins in the tumbler and then remembered that I had found this chain. Sure didn't look like gold...but it had the right feel as far as weight.
Went and used the toothbrush and toothpaste on a section of it and it cleaned up nice. You can see the clean part to the left of the scale. 7.4 grams The end link says 14K, Italy.
Almost got a gold ring today. Three guys were throwing a football and actin a fool. One makes a crazy dive for the ball and hits the sand. A couple of seconds later they asked me to help them find the guys wedding band. Started gridding where I saw him hit and wasn't coming up with it. Then one of the guys spotted it off to the side. It got flung quite a ways from where he hit. I was glad to see him get it back.
That diamond ring Dan SJ found is magnificent. Someday....someday....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ring Daddy #5 and a little bonus...

Went to Banner Elk, NC. yesterday. Six and a half hour drive from MB. Total of 13 hours driving yesterday. I was whipped!
Checked the tide time this morning and out the door I went. Cold! Not cool. Cold. This seems like the longest winter ever!!
Wore my swim trunks so I could get in the water and my sweatshirt. At first I was too cold. But the sun popped up and soon I was just right.
Found a little runnel with some small holes. Waded in and found a few targets...only a few. Moved down the beach staying in the water and finally got a mid-tone.

Ring Daddy #5 for the year.

The next signal was the silver ring and on the way back up the runnel I got the bonus, 14K ear ring. 1.2 grams.

Ended up getting way too hot. Amazing how you can freeze to death and a few hours later, roast.
The water is starting to warm up. Six more weeks and even Mom and Dad will be in the water.
All in all a very good morning.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ring Daddy #4...I'm not getting rich....

Well, I hit a renourished section of the beach early this morning and got maybe a dollar, no jewelry. This afternoon I opted for part of the beach where I got my last gold ring a couple days ago.

The little hole was still there but it looked shallower. I got one quarter and switched over to all metal to see if I could pick up something. And I did. Lots of crap!! Bobby pins, pieces of itty bitty wire, paper clips and a bunch of black metal chunks and finally one silver ring.

I moseyed on down the beach to another low spot and started digging more junk and the little gold ring popped out. 10K .8 grams

Then I got one of those largish signals. You always wonder if you should just let it go...but I am hard headed and start digging. I was starting to go in the hole when the walkie talkie showed up. It must belong to a life guard....I wouldn't think it would be the MB police. Oh yeah, 61 cents.
Would there be a chance that the walkie talkie would be worth returning? Here is the other side.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I didn't believe it....

Bleak...Detecting has been very bleak at MB since they renourished. It has been so bleak that when I dug up a gold ring today I didn't believe it was real.

I had been digging mountains of pull tabs and when the ring showed up I hefted it and said to myself that it seemed too light. I thought it was titanium and stuck it in the pocket with the other junk ring.

When I finally used the magnifying glass and read 14K I was kind of shocked. When I put it on the scale I was more shocked. 7.1 grams. My biggest ring of 2009.

The sharks teeth and fossils are from this mornings walk on the beach.