Friday, July 31, 2009

Ring Daddy #21

Low tide was at 10 so I was on the beach by 8. Good strong breeze out of the SW. Hope it continues to blow today.
Hunted a bit to the north today. Just because.

As I stood on the top of the beach I noticed a huge difference in beach in just a few blocks. To the south the beach sloped down and then was flat. To the north the beach sloped down to a runnel and then was humped up before finally dropping off into the low tide ocean. I went south.

I got out in front of one of the motels that has been a favorite spot of mine. One of my nicest rings came from out in front of this motel. I began to grid and started to find a few targets, most were about 2/3 of the way down the beach. At last I got a nice somber whole low tone. I said, "That's a gold ring." I was visualizing a thin gold band with a nice diamond. I was half right.

The sound of this gold ring is the same as half a pull tab. We have all found half a pull tab. What a nice sound! You have to wonder about the person that not only has to tear the pull tab from the can but has to then torture the poor pull tab until it breaks in two.

I found a nice silver ear ring a bit later. Then the beach seemed to get hot. And I was getting thirsty and I had forgotten my water bottle. I felt like I was left to die in the Mojave Desert. I barely made it to the car and the water bottle. I filled the water bottle and put it on my army belt. It weighed too much and started to pull down my swim trunks. I kept having to pull up the belt and trunks. I drank the water to lighten the bottle. Then I got this tiny wisp of a signal. And the digging began. After twelve or fourteen huge scoops of sand this monster brass thing comes out of the beach. What the heck is it!! And what is it doing on the beach?

I also found a piece of plumbing. Add the brass thing and then my belt really wanted to pull down my swim trunks. I headed for the car and to taco bell for lunch. On the way back to the campground I decided to hit one more spot. I got silver bracelet just before I looked up and saw a wall of water coming down the beach. I ran for the car in the rain.

Four plus hours. Here's the mess.

Today I also found two 50 caliber shells and one 50 caliber bullet. I may try to sell them at the flea market for two bucks a piece. I've found a bunch of these since the renourishment. These are from when there was a target range at MB during WWII. The sign will read, "Buy a Piece of Myrtle Beach History". I may make up a sheet that states that it was found after the renourishment and was likely on the ocean floor for the past sixy five years.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ring Daddy #19 and #20

I have been helping my girlfriend, Diana, work on her house in NC. The place is close to a lake that has two swim areas. I snuck away before the sun cleared the trees. The first swim area was disappointing to say the least. Either it does not get used much or someone has been hitting it pretty hard. And lots of trash...pull tabs and bottle caps. But if there are lots of pull tabs I don't think it is being detected

The second swim area was full of targets. In two hours I found $6.97 in change and this small gold ring. Ring Daddy #19.

This swim area was full of bottle cap nulls. There has to be another gold ring in this mess...but I am back in Myrtle Beach and may not get back to that swim area.

Last night was my fourth low tide assault at Myrtle Beach since I got back. I hunted an area that I don't particularly like because it never seems to give up a decent ring...just low class gold rings. Having gone three low tides and still no gold I was ready to try this spot out of desperation.

The rain and thunder had pulled away and as I put the headphones on I noticed a nice rainbow out to sea. I began swinging at 7:00. The beach was full of people enjoying the evening after the rain. I was surprised at the number of targets. Darkness began to take the day and I had to kick the sand around more to separate the targets. At one point I got a nice little signal and began digging...and digging and digging. I was becoming part of the hole and I finally had to let it go. But it bugged me. Since I was gridding I returned to the spot in about twenty minutes and resumed my ditch digging. At last a cell phone came out. Dadgum!! I now hate cell phones as bad as cans. The breeze was out of the SW and the number of people walking and playing on the beach in the dark seemed to increase. Heat lightning worked through the clouds where the sea joined the night sky and I had a few falses from the far away electricity. At 11:00 I took the headphones off and slogged up the beach to the car. In four hours I got $6.36 in change , two silver rings, two silver ear rings, one silver St. Cristopher medalion, one gold wedding band and the key to a BMW. An excellent night! Ring Daddy #20.

Here is the mess from last night.

This morning was nothing close to last night. I knew as soon as I walked onto the beach that it had filled in during the one high tide. I did enjoy the morning but targets were rare and I did not get one piece of jewelry in three hours.
We need some wind and waves.
I'm going to have to take a shower sometime this week. Getting kind of gamey.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ring Daddy #18 and a pouch full of disappointments

Long day. At 4:45 I was on the beach. Heat lightning was flashing in the clouds at the horizon. Amazing how quick the lightning would flash and I would register the false in the headphones. No thunder, just flashbulb lightning showing the vivid white clouds for an instant. I hunted hard this morning and found very little...maybe a dollar in change. Went down the road and tried another spot and it was just as bad. One dime.

Went and did my laundry and someone stole my laundry basket. Amazing that people will steal a five dollar item knowing that they could get beat up. This is the second laundry basket I have had stolen.

Forgot to put the battery on the charger and stuck it on for about an hour.

Headed north this evening. Found the gold colored bracelet first and then about ten minutes later I found the gold colored ear ring. I was getting pretty excited and then the battery quit and I had to walk back to the car and get the battery you stick AA's in. Mutter, mutter, mutter. Found a spot with quite a few coins and was beating it up when the silver colored ring showed up. Felt heavy, thought it might be white gold (It wasn't).

Stayed close to where I found the silver ring and finally a real gold ring showed up.

Here is the mess.

I picked up the Heinz bottle buried half in the sand. The big beach rake would run over it and crushed it and then there would be glass on the beach and I would cut myself and my foot would get infected and then I would get gangreen and then it would go up my leg and they would have to amputate me at the belly button. So I picked it up.

Here is the gold ring. One of the diamonds is missing. Reminds me of a person with a front tooth missing.

Went to Taco Bell to celebrate and they gave me a cheesy rice burrito instead of a chicken burrito.

I'll be out there in the morning.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ring Daddy #16 and #17....long day

Hit a beach south of MB this morning at 6:00. Detected there till about 8:30 and then went even further south to Pawleys Island. OMG. Pawleys Island is severly sanded in. Detected for a while and was about to leave when a man asked if I would look for a bracelet his wife had lost. He promised me $25 for the search. I hunted the area for almost an hour and did not find the bracelet. Bummer. The guy tried to give me the $25 and I took the five and handed him back the twenty. Total for four and a half hours was $4.38 and the five for the search.

I noticed that gas was $2.21 in Surfside and $2.49 in MB. Can you say gouge the tourist?

This afternoon I stayed close to home. When I walked out on the beach I noticed that the hump at the low tide line had almost disappeared, so I started hunting down low for a change.

The wind was blowing hard out of the south. Kind of fun watching people chase their hats.

Within about 15 minutes I got another should I dig it signal, similiar to the cross signal I got a couple of days ago. Out came the first gold ring of the day. Very low tone. I believe the diamonds are real.

Kept swinging at the low tide line and after about an hour another gold ring pops out.

Thought I should check out a motel a few blocks down the beach and spent some time there and this silver ring showed up. I thought maybe it was white gold but it is 925. I don't see very many silver rings engraved with their names and an inscription.

Here is the mess for the three hours of swinging this afternoon. Dug the can at 2' wasn't exactly easy. Oh yeah, there is also a silver necklace in the pic. $2.26 in change and a real nice batch of pulltabs.

Maybe this hard south wind will help things. I'll be there in the morning.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ring Daddy #15 and feeling small

Two and a half hours this morning netted me $3.17 in change and a five dollar bill. Also, some glow in the dark condoms. But they look huge. I'd fall right out of them. I could do a contest on the forum and give them away. The package says you have to expose them to light for 30 seconds and then rise and shine. What are you going to do, take your flashlight with you to make them work on the beach. My luck, the flashlight would be dead.
A bird just flew into my camper. I had the door open. I told the bird to git and he flew back out.
Anyways, no jewelry at all this morning.
This afternoon I hit another spot and after about 15 minutes of swinging I get this nice low tone. Bingo!
Just to make sure you don't get the impression that this is easy, here is a picture of the evenings finds. Only 40 targets dug in two and a half hours. $1.43 in change.
The top of the beach seems to be sanding in and the bottom of the beach is horrendously sanded in. And I forget the last time I saw a hole in the surf.
The renourishment has really killed detecting at MB. Oh well, I'll try another spot in the morning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cool morning in July and gold

Yesterday I hunted early morning and late afternoon for a total of seven hours. I dug 123 targets for $11.07 and a silver chain.

I had to flog myself to get out of bed this morning but I was on the beach by 6:00. The past three mornings have been something almost fall-like. Cool with a nice breeze. Wow. This does not feel like summer mornings. I actually had to find a blanket last night.
What a delight to be out when it is just a tad cool, watching the sun pink up the horizon and then witness the red-orange ball climb into the sky.

Dig, dig, dig. 82 targets this morning...oops...84 targets. I threw a couple of cans up onto the upper beach where the beach machine could eat-em-up.
Somewhere in the three hours this morning I got an almost nothing signal. Scratchy, gnarly, just a bit of something there, should I dig it or should I not dig it. I did not hear any null so I dug it. One scoop and the signal was out of the sand. I had to kick the sand around a bit before I saw Jesus. 14K 2.8 grams
I went to all metal and tried to find the chain but like most of the time I did not find the chain.
All of the targets are on the upper beach just below the dry sand area. There must have been some erosion on the upper beach last week while I was in NC.
I'll be back out there this evening.