Sunday, August 30, 2009

Remnants of Hugo; Boolets, Gold, and Platinum!!

Last night I hunted for about two hours. I was not impressed with the beach but I was impressed by the wind. First real wind in ages, coming out of the SSW. Thought maybe it would move some sand. I thought this wind might be the remnants of Hugo.

This morning I was trying to have happy thoughts. A bad thought would come and I would overpower it with a good thought. Pretty soon I was in a pretty good mood.

Tried a section of beach that used to be one of my favorite places to hunt before the renourishment.

Looked like a possibility of a couple of holes in the surf. I grabbed the Excaliber and waded in. Neither hole had squat. One pull tab and one bottle cap.

The beach looked interesting with a fairly steep angle and then smoothing out. Started gridding up and down. A few targets started to pop, kind of like when popcorn first starts to pop. Then I started picking up some 50 caliber shells and bullets. One hole had four or five in one hole. Then the clouds parted, the heavens opened up and a gold ring showed itself. First gold ring in three weeks! I could read the 14K.
I was working my way back towards the parking lot to trade the Excaliber for the Sov because the Sov has the 10" coil. I was at mid-beach and I got a loud signal. I am staring at another ring. I pick it up and almost grunt it is so heavy. My mind is spinning and the word "Platinum" sprints through my head. I can't read the inscription. Then I remember that Tungstun Carbide is really heavy also.

When I get back to the VW I try to switch arm cuffs, steal the one off the Excaliber and put it on the Sov...but I lose the screw. Matter can neither be created or destroyed but a screw can sure get lost in the back of my VW.
I stick the arm cuff off the Goldquest back on the Sov. I try one more time to read the inscription and am pretty sure it says PT950. Maybe I won't starve to death.

I hunted a couple more hours, for a total of five. Some more change, a couple more bullets and one little piece of junk ear ring.
Three 50 caliber shells, ten 50 caliber bullets and one smaller caliber shell.
Here is the mess.
At last, I can use the magnifying glass on the ring in question.
Here is the ring on the scale. 21.9 grams. EeeeHaaa Baby!!!!
Platinum is at $1245 an ounce. I'll let you do the math...but I had a great morning!!!!!
I stopped by Taco Bell and celebrated.
Low tide is only six hours away.

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