Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dreaded Hump and Ring Daddy #30

I've been hitting the beach almost every low tide lately. Found a nice fossilized horse tooth yesterday and a nice sharks tooth today. I usually give the sharks teeth to kids on the beach...but there were no kids today.
Yesterday we had some heavy SW wind and I thought it might move some sand. I've been dealing with the dreadful hump lately. The beach slopes down and then humps back up before it goes into the sea. All I ever find on the hump is dimes...the wanderers. Dimes seem to move around and will line up on the side of the hump. The other day I got 5 dimes in a row on the hump. Well, I should have gone out last night but I was stupid and watched the Panthers get beat.
This morning I stood at the top of the beach getting set up and I noticed the hump was gone. The ocean was glassy smooth, nary a ripple. I walked down from the top and got a so-so deep target. It definitely was not a smooth signal. After three giant scoops of the sunspot scoop I was looking at a gold ring.
If you get a gold ring on the first target you should just pack up and go home. But you will not. You will now beat the beach and yourself to death trying to find another one. Not a lot of targets but I did get one gold ring, one silver ring, a toe ring, four pair of sunglasses and 80 cents. Here is the mess.
I did go back and get the Excaliber and waded around out in the giant pond for half an hour. No targets. None. This is how the surf has been since the renourishment. You need a hole in the surf to find targets and this year I have not seen a real hole all year.

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Dan Berberette said...

Jim, can you shoow a picture of what you describe as a "hole"? I want to be sure I am looking for the right thing. Thank you. Love your book!