Friday, October 16, 2009

Ring Daddy #31 in the rain...

I have to admit I have been very discouraged lately with the detecting. It has been ages since I found over a dollar in change. The beach has been super sanded in. Yesterday I hunted for an hour and a half and found four targets; a bottle cap, a pull tab, a penny and a brass screw. This has been typical for weeks.
Today I tried a spot that I hit every couple of weeks. It looked about the same as everywhere else.
As I left the car it started to drizzle. Half an hour and I’m out of here.
On the first line off the top of the beach I got a dime. Hmmm. A couple of more lines and I got another dime. This was way more than normal. It started to rain harder. I kept gridding the upper one third and kept getting a few coins.
From where I was at I could see that the pier had quite a few fishermen today. Detectorists and fishermen in the rain. Then in the middle of the top third I got a mid-tone and out pops this nice gold ring. Finally!!!
I hung in the cold rain for about two and a half hours and finally called it quits. I got well over a dollar today. Lots of pennies.

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Hey Jim, How's the hunting in the beach? Haven't seen you out there.